7 Things To Do Before Moving Into A New House

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Moving into a new house can be stressful — there’s so much to consider! Usually, we only think about packing and unpacking, but it’s the finer details that we tend to overlook. For example, have you done a thorough walkthrough or made sure your furniture fits the floorplan? Changing your address and setting up your internet can also be time-consuming. The things you do before moving into a new home can make the difference between a smooth transition and a mover’s nightmare. But at Safe Removalist Australia, we’re experts in helping people like yourself move house. We want to make your transition to a new abode as easy and fuss-free as possible. So before you give us a call, here’s our go-to list of 7 things to do before moving into a new house. 

  1. Do a proper walkthrough of your new home

    There’s no better time to do this than when your new home is empty. Take this opportunity before you fill it with furniture to do a proper walkthrough. Assess and reassess that everything is in working order and measure each room to ensure your current or new furniture will fit perfectly. Perhaps the previous owner promised specific changes or repairs. Use this time to check that everything is in working order so you can move in with peace of mind.

  2. Change your address and update your mail re-address 

    We all know how tedious it can be to change our details on every service we use, from your doctor to your car insurance company. But, it doesn’t have to be! You can contact MyServiceNSW and apply online for your new driver license address. They even have a checklist for you to run through when changing your address for government and non-government organisations. Moving into a new house can be much more accessible with this easy shortcut. When you do change your details, you may still receive mail to your previous address. Bear this in mind and attempt to change your address as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on any mail being delivered.

  3. Organise your home removalist ahead of time

    Sure, you can fit your clothes and small appliances in your car, but what about your more oversized items like your bed and heavy furniture? You could borrow a friend’s truck or ute, but safety is key, and we highly recommend you consider organising and booking your home removalist as soon as possible. There’s no need to worry about your belongings being damaged due to carelessness or neglect. By hiring and booking professional home removalists, whether you’re in the local Sydney or interstate, you can rest assured that you won’t have to overwhelm yourself with transporting all your belongings. Besides, house removalist experts are strong and capable of placing each item in your space exactly how you like it — plus, getting the professionals to do it can help you avoid and prevent injury.

  4. Connect all your services and utilities

    Not only do you need to switch over your Internet connection when moving into a new house, but you should also check your electricity, gas and water services are all up to date and under your name. You’ll also need to disconnect your services at your previous home address, but this can be easily done over the phone. If you are transferring or adding an NBN service to your new address, you may need to give your Internet service provider a few weeks’ notice so they can send someone out to install your system. There’s also the possibility of relocation and installation fees, so keep this in mind. Also, some locations may not be eligible for NBN, so make sure you check online with your Internet provider beforehand.

  5. Set time aside for repairs, fixtures and added extras 

    Perhaps the bedroom door squeaks when you open it, or your light bulbs need changing. Ideally, the previous owner would ensure all sections of the home have been repaired, but while you’re doing the proper run-through of your home, make a list of the changes and repairs you would like to work on. Not all will be urgent or a top priority, but it helps prepare you for the work and labour you’ll need to deal with in the future.

  6. Clean and organise your space

    Before you’ve moved in your furniture and boxes, go through your entire home, mop the floors, and clean the walls, cupboards and storage space. Take your time and ask your friends and family for help if the area is quite large. You could even opt for a professional cleaning service to take care of the job for you. Like hiring a professional removalist service, you can always hire a cleaning professional and save yourself time and stress.

  7. Relax, breathe and get excited — you’re moving into a new home

    You’re probably overwhelmed or simply exhausted thinking about the process of moving into a new home, but look at you now — the hard work is done. It’s time for you to relax with your loved ones and get ready for this exciting new journey in your life. You’ve done the hard yards and have organised yourself perfectly to move in hassle and stress-free. Congratulations on your new abode — and remember that following our guide on the 7 things to do before moving into a new house will prepare you for an easier and more relaxing transition. Don’t forget to reach out to our team and get a free quote for your moving day. We’d be happy to help answer any questions about moving homes and how our services can benefit and better assist you and your family as you move into your new home. 

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