Thinking Of Moving House? These Are The Best Times To Move

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No doubt about it, moving house can be both an exciting and daunting time. When planning a move, it’s completely natural to feel a little overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things that need to be taken care of. And, in the rush and excitement of packing and planning, a lot of us don’t put a lot of conscious thought into the actual best time to move house.

Yet, the time and date that you choose to make your move can have an impact on how fast, efficient and successful your move will be! So, when exactly is the best time to move into a new house? Here are a few essential things to consider:

Wait until you’ve fully planned and prepared your move

Although it can be very easy to get lost in the rush, stress and enthusiasm of moving, it’s crucial that you don’t hurry the process and forget the key tasks that will ensure a smooth transition. Before locking in a moving date, it can be a good idea to sit down and compile a checklist of things that need to be attended to before the move.

If possible, visit your new home and determine what, if anything, needs to be done to ensure that you can comfortably move in. Will your current furniture fit? Is there anything that you’ll need to buy before the move? Is everything in good working order, and is there a need for any repairs? Also, ensure that you notify any service and utility providers of your move to either finalise or avoid interruptions to your services. Next, it’s time to start putting thought into hiring a professional removalist service!

The best month to transfer to a new house

Did you know that certain times of the month are better than others? As most people wait until the end of their rental lease to move, the beginning and end of the month is often the busiest time for moving services. Therefore, in order to avoid the higher demand for services, the best time to move house is around the middle of the month.

You may also want to consider school holidays when planning your move — as there may be a higher demand for moving services during these periods.

The best day and time to move

Generally speaking, most people move house on the weekend. This is why there is a higher demand for moving services on these days. So, in order to make sure you can book a moving service, it may be best to plan your move for a weekday. Of course, this may not be possible if you have work or school commitments, but you may find the moving process less stressful and more efficient if you avoid the busy weekend period.

When it comes to the best time of day to move, the answer is easy! Mornings are by far the best time to move house. The morning usually has less traffic to contend with and cooler air, so you don’t overheat whilst running around on this busy day. Starting early will also help ensure that you have more time to unpack and begin organising your new home later in the day. Lastly, if you need to make multiple trips throughout the day, you’ll have a head start by beginning early.

The best season for moving house

When it comes to the best season for moving, it’s more of a matter of personal preference. Summer offers us more daylight hours and less chance of rain, but the heat may be a deterrent. Also, given that summer is usually a holiday period, there may be a higher demand for moving services at this time. In terms of practicality, Autumn may be the best time to move into a new house. Autumn is generally a slower period for moving services, and its cooler (but not icy) temperatures will help make your move day a comfortable one.

Quick tip: flexibility is key when planning your move

One of the biggest things to remember when planning your move is that a certain level of flexibility will be required. You may need to consider such things as your new home’s settlement date as well as starting dates for new jobs or schools if you are moving out of the area. Having a diary on hand will help you plan dates accordingly.

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