Packing & Moving 101: Everything You Need To Know

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Moving homes is equal parts exciting and stressful. Whether you’re leaving your parents’ home for the first time, moving in with a partner, relocating for work or simply changing residence, moving homes can be daunting and exhausting. But with a good plan and well-organised support, you can turn it into a positive experience.

Just the fact you are reading this is a tick in your favour as you are doing some research beforehand on the best way to pack for moving. And you couldn’t have found a better blog! Read on to learn our top packing and moving tips for a stress-free lead-up and move on the day.

What is the best way to pack for moving?

The best way to pack for moving is first to make a plan. Mark your moving date on your calendar, and start deciding what you should and shouldn’t be packing 6-8 weeks before. After all, the best part about moving into your new home is that you have a fresh, clean slate. The last thing you want is to be spending your time and energy packing and moving belongings you won’t be needing. Ready to get started? These are the steps to take to prepare for moving:

  • Clean your house — A clean, organised home will help you feel calmer and have a clearer focus when deciding what to pack and what not to pack. A tidy space will also give you extra space to sort and pack your belongings.
  • Focus on one room at a time — Set yourself a weekly to-do list so you can focus on sorting through your belongings one room at a time. Set realistic goals to allow time for your other daily responsibilities.
  • Separate the items you won’t be needing — Spend a few hours Monday evening following the Marie Kondo method to sort through your closet. Then, on Tuesday, head to the bathroom and separate your unused toiletry products. Continue this process over the next few days until you have successfully set aside all your unwanted household items.

How do I decide what needs to be purged before moving?

Now that you have separated what you use and need and what is just dead weight, it’s time to decide what to do with those unwanted items. Around 5 weeks before your move, start:

  • Selling — Post goods on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace to make extra cash that can go towards your move on in your savings account.
  • Donating — Donate those unsellable clothes collecting dust in your closet. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  • Throwing away — Toss your expired beauty products and anything else taking up unnecessary space.

If you are finding this process emotionally challenging, remember that having less to pack and move will not only mean more room for the new but also a lowered removalists’ fee.

How long before moving should I start packing?

We recommend you start packing around 3 weeks before your move date to ensure you have ample time and don’t feel like boxes and packing tape have completely taken over your life. When you are getting ready to pack, start by:

  • Rounding up your moving supplies — Make sure you have packing tape, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, permanent marker/labeller, blade and garbage bags ready to go. At Safe Removalist Australia, you can even hire plastic moving boxes, a better option than traditional cardboard boxes. They are not only more durable, thus better protecting fragile items, but also water-resistant and a lifesaver in case it rains on the day. Easily pack and move our plastic boxes with up to fifteen pairs of shoes, fifty books, or eleven bedding sets.
  • Disassembling your large furniture — Take apart your larger furniture, such as bookshelves or bed frames, so it’s out of the way. You will gain extra room to pack and get rid of one cumbersome and time-consuming task that often sneaks up on first-time movers. Fill a plastic bag with your loose screws and tape it to the underside of the furniture so you can find it later for easy reassembly.

With these tasks out of the way, all that’s left to do is the actual packing. So, let’s get started!

Packing 1.01

Follow these packing and moving tips to not only get it all done faster, but also smarter:

    • Pack thoughtfully and systematically — Delay packing essential items, like your toiletries or clothes, until closer to moving day. Instead, pack your books, non-essential kitchen utensils, off-season clothes and other unused products.
    • Clean as you go — Wiping your dusty items before moving will ensure a clean, fresh start in your new home.
    • Label your boxes — Clearly label all your boxes, ideally on more than one side, especially before sealing them. It’ll take some time to settle into your new home, decide where everything goes and get it all unpacked. Expect to reach in a box or two for the items you need for the first few days.
    • Take care with fragile items — Wrap your glassware in bubble wrap to have a safe journey to your new humble abode. Stack your plates sideways to maximise box space and avoid overpacking boxes. Fill any excess space with bubble wrap or towels to prevent items from sliding about in transit. Don’t forget to label your fragile boxes so your removalists can take extra care when handling them.
    • Use bed linen to pack your clothes — Here’s a fun little packing and moving tip! To keep your clothes on their hangers and avoid extra work later, lay down an old queen or king-sized bed sheet, and layer it with your clothes. Once done, wrap the sheet around your clothes and tie the corners in the centre for a makeshift sack.

How can I make moving less stressful?

You know what they say — many hands make light work. If you have family or friends to help you pack and move, it will ease your burden. Have some pizza, music and beers to make it a fun one. And don’t forget to pay it back when their time comes.

Book Safe Removalist Australia for your moving day

We have all heard horror stories of removalists who lack respect for property and carelessly break their clients’ precious valuables. By choosing Safe Removalist Australia, you can rest easy knowing your possessions are in good hands. Whether you’re moving interstate or locally, we have you covered with our 3-in-1 service. We will help you wrap, pack, stack and move your boxes and furniture safely to relieve you of the mental strain and physical demands of moving. As part of our packing and moving service, our removalists will ensure your boxes are not overloaded, so your goods have a safe journey to their new home.

Get a quote or book your move online today and enjoy a stress-free, smooth move with the support of our friendly and reliable removalists.

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