The Why, When And How Of Hiring Removalists In Australia

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While the prospect of moving into a new home may be exciting to have the potential of setting up your new home, the act of moving itself is rarely one we look forward to. If you’ve been in your current place for a while or you’re moving interstate, the very idea of moving houses can be stressful and downright dreadful!

If you’re trying to decide whether to pack and move everything on your own or hire a removalist, here are our tips for guaranteeing a successful, stress-free move. 

Should I hire a removalist?

The short answer? Well, yes. It might be tempting to think that managing a move by yourself or with a fearsome crew of intrepid mates is the cheaper option. Once you add up the cost of hiring a truck, the extra time it will take you as amateurs to pack up, load the truck and unpack at the other end. Not to mention the chances of someone pulling their hamstring or their back right before the start of the footy season is also extremely high due to the difference in the technique followed by professional home removalists and us.

Not only are home removalists faster and more efficient in packing, carrying furniture, loading and unloading, but they also know the real tips and tricks of the trade. From making sure fragile items aren’t damaged during transit to manoeuvring sofas, tables, beds and fridges through small doorways and carrying them up awkward staircases without chipping and damaging the paintwork, home removalists actually take care of your belongings during the moving process. And yes, they also work faster than the most incentivised friends. 

Beyond the practical elements of hiring removalists, outsourcing this task on moving day allows you to focus on the other logistical elements of leaving one property and moving into a new one. Without the stress of handling the backbreaking and heavy moving work yourself, you can relax and focus on getting your new keys, connecting your electricity, gas and home WiFi, and looking after any children or pets that might be moving with you. 

How do interstate home removals work?

Here’s an even more intriguing reason to use a removalist company for interstate home removals. Professional movers have transparent processes and strategies to keep track of your belongings over vast distances. Interstate home removalists can move your things via land or sea if need be and also have special equipment and tools to protect heirloom furniture and delicate items over long distances. Often, there can be extra time between your move out date and settlement at your new property. Professional interstate home removalists also have a number of storage options you can take advantage of, so your belongings don’t end up in limbo between houses. 

Signs of a quality home removalist company

So, you’ve decided to hire removalists for the big day. But how do you decide which company to go with? Here are some of our suggested tips for finding a quality, reliable removalist for hire company. 

  • They’ll be easy to contact and communicate well — A sign of a good removalist company is that they’re easy to get a hold of and will communicate openly and honestly with you. From the time you book your move to helping you solve problems on the moving day itself, they won’t be afraid to speak and will collaborate with you for the best solutions.
  • They take time to listen to your situation and give you a detailed quote — Any company offering quick quotes without getting relevant details from you about your move are probably not doing their due diligence or trustworthy.  Quoting you an inaccurate amount without knowing details about the moving job isn’t the type of service you should trust with your precious belongings. By contrast, premium trusted movers will take the time to understand the job, and accurately set your expectations with a detailed quote they usually provide for free.
  • They offer extra services The provision of things like packing supplies and portable wardrobes are a sign of a good removalist. The best removalist companies also offer necessary services like furniture disassembly and reassembly, and these services will be included in their quoted price.
  • They have a good reputation in the community  If in doubt, online review websites are a good place to get real feedback about whether a removalist company can be trusted or not. Also, keep an eye out for the company’s response to negative reviews. It’s always helpful to note if they attempt to reach out to the customer and get to the heart of the issue or are they more concerned with hiding bad reviews?

Safe Removalist Australia — home removalists you can trust

When it comes to hiring removalists you can trust, Safe Removalist Australia has always got your back. Our expert removalists have years of experience moving families of all sizes across Australia. We can handle both local moves and large interstate relocation and have the right resources, storage facilities and transport solutions to make your moving day a breeze. To get you started, our team will prepare a free quote, so you can plan ahead and sort out all the details of your move in advance, without the stress!

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