Four Tips For A Successful Interstate Move

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From greater employment opportunities to socialising with a new crowd, there’s no wonder more, and more Australians are taking the plunge and moving interstate. But before you can touch down in your new home, you’ll need to get packing! Moving interstate requires more planning and often comes with a longer to-do list than a local move. 

Knowing where to start can be difficult if it’s your first time moving interstate. Safe Removalists Australia is an interstate mover with several years of experience. Whether you’re moving to the suburbs or heading to another state, we can help you have a stress-free move. In this blog, you’ll find four handy tips to help guarantee a successful interstate move

Purchase study packing materials 

Before your valuables arrive at their new home, they will have to make it through several rounds of transportation. That’s why investing in high-quality, sturdy packing materials is important, especially if taking several breakable and delicate items. 

As professional interstate furniture movers, we ensure your items arrive safe and sound and take great care during our interstate moving process. We also allow customers to hire plastic moving boxes to ensure their items are well-protected during their move. 

Declutter unwanted items 

One easy way to simplify your interstate move is to take a realistic approach to the items you want to take with you. Removing old, unwanted items minimises your stress levels and helps you save on space, particularly if you move into a smaller home or apartment. 

We find that the easiest way to declutter your belongings is by taking a room-by-room approach. Go through each room in your home and remove any items you no longer use or want to take with you. From clothes that no longer fit to faulty appliances, you’ll be saving space in no time. Donate items to your local charity if they are still in good condition. 

If there are some items you can’t part with but want to store near your new home, a mobile self-storage unit is an ideal and cost-effective solution. As part of our interstate removal services, we can store your belongings and conveniently deliver them to you when you need them. 

Budget for upcoming expenses 

If there’s one thing you can expect from an interstate move, it’s for little hiccups and sudden expenses to pop up along the way. During the initial stages of moving, try to save some extra cash for these emergencies. This way, you can avoid the pinch of having to dip into your savings to cover the cost. 

Of course, there are some guaranteed expenses you will also have to plan for. For instance, moving interstate will mean applying for and purchasing a new driver’s licence. And if you’re planning on taking a road trip to your new home, allocate money for petrol. 

Many interstate home movers also forget to add their first grocery shop to their moving budget. In most cases, you’ll start from scratch and need to purchase cooking essentials and fresh groceries, so be sure to budget for this cost too! 

Update necessary services and subscriptions

From your Netflix subscription to your car insurer, several providers store your current residential address. Take the time to make a list of these providers and manually update your profile to list your new address. You may need to hand over this information more often than you think, so it’s a good idea to have these details on hand, like on the notes app on your phone. 

Safe Removalists Australia — your trusted interstate moving company

Nothing says change an interstate move. But before starting your new life, you’ll need to enlist the help of the best interstate movers to finish the job. Safe Removalists Australia is a reputable interstate moving company that has been helping Australians move for more than 15 years. 

Our team of interstate movers in Australia are highly experienced and will treat your valuables with the utmost care during transportation. We understand how stressful an interstate move can be, so we aim to minimise any headaches with our 3-1 one service. Safe Removalists Australia pack, move and unpack your belongings according to your needs — we can also store your belongings in one of our safe storage units and deliver them at your request. 

Moving interstate is an exciting time filled with opportunities — don’t let a stressful packing experience ruin the fun. Find out how much your interstate move could cost with one of our interstate movers in Sydney using our moving calculator. Or get started by booking a move with Safe Removalists Australia today!

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