Top 4 Tips To Find The Best Removalists In Sydney

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Even the most organised people can feel a little overwhelmed by a move. It might only be to the next suburb, or it might be a large interstate move. Either way, the thought of packing up your entire apartment or house and safely relocating every prized possession you have is enough to make anyone need a lie-down. It’s little wonder why so many outsource the task and leave it to professional removalists.

So, how do you choose a removalist in Sydney? What are the signs to look out for, and what is an indicator a company should be avoided? To help you find the best possible service for your needs, we’ve assembled our top tips for finding the best removalist in Sydney.

Our top 4 tips for choosing great home removalists in Sydney

There are plenty of things to consider when booking your local or interstate home removalists, but consider these as the top 4 rules you should follow.

  1. Opt for experience and reputation 

Fortunately, when it comes to finding a trusted removalist, less than satisfactory service and tales of shoddy practices will spread fast. Make sure to look into a company’s background to see how long they’ve been operating (a brand new company could indicate little experience or a recent rebrand due to customer complaints). We also recommend checking out their online reviews. While a few negative ratings might be down to individual circumstances, you’ll soon discover whether the same complaints pop up repeatedly. On the other hand, a consistently good removalist will be reflected in an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.

  1. Check for the little extras 

There’s a lot of extra work and equipment required in any move, and a great removalist can save you time and money if they include these extras as part of their service. From providing high-quality moving boxes to plastic protection boxes to keep other objects safe in transit, trusted Sydney removalists have a range of additional services to keep your belongings safe and secure.

  1. Get an accurate and detailed quote

We’ll cover this more in point 4 too, but the quality of your quote for home removalists in Sydney is usually a good indicator of their quality of service. A company that breaks down the reason for its overall quote and considers small, practical details demonstrate its transparency as a business and its experience level.

If you get a quote that sounds reasonable, but the removalists haven’t checked how many boxes you’ll be moving, the nature of any large or heavy objects, or the access points at your destination, this is probably a sign that they either haven’t thought the job through. Or that they aren’t giving you an accurate quote for what will be required. A detailed tool like a moving calculator is a good sign that your removalists are quoting you accurately and fairly.

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it might be 

We all love a good deal, but while it may be tempting to go for that cheap quote for interstate home removalists, an absurdly low quote or a promise of experienced removalists for significantly less per hour than the rest of the market is probably a red flag.

Don’t be afraid to ask some questions and interrogate a deal to see whether it holds up under scrutiny. If a Sydney removalist is promising the world for pennies, check for hidden fees not included in their base rate. Is the figure being quoted inclusive of the truck and removalists themselves? Does the quote cover the truck’s return to the depot? What about extras like boxes and protection for large, delicate furniture in transit? Often, a less than reputable removalist company may hide the true price of your move in these extras, so get the real picture up front.

When should a removal company be arranged?

While removalists don’t need a huge amount of time to prepare for a move — especially if you’ve packed up your belongings yourself — experienced and professional Sydney removalists will quickly book out on weekends and in-demand periods. If you need to move at a certain time, we recommend booking your move as early as possible to secure your preferred time and day.

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