Why Choose An AFRA Accredited Interstate Removalist

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Whether you’re staying local or heading to a new state, moving can be an exciting chapter in anyone’s life. To ensure your transition to your new home is pleasant, many Australians seek help from home removalist companies. 

If it’s your first time using a removalist company, there are a few factors you will need to consider in your search, like if the business is AFRA accredited. In this blog, we’ll explore what an AFRA accreditation is, why it’s important and the benefits customers can enjoy by choosing an AFRA accredited removalist company. 

What is AFRA, and why is it important?

AFRA stands for the Australian Furniture Removers Association, an official body that governs and regulates the removals industry. AFRA ensures that all removal companies comply with best practices and industry standards. 

As part of their role and to ensure home removalist companies remain compliant, AFRA issues accreditations to companies that can prove they have the necessary equipment, vehicles and space and that their staff are trained and qualified to complete a move. 

According to MoverDB.com, approximately 350 furniture removal and related companies are members of AFRA

Whether you are planning on moving to a new suburb or state, it’s important to ensure the company you hire is an AFRA-accredited removalist. Not only does this guarantee that the business is up to the task, but it provides you with added peace of mind that your move will be in the hands of qualified experts. 

Aside from the extra assurance, let’s explore the other benefits of using an AFRA accredited removalist.

Reliable transport and equipment

For many Australians, one of the most stressful parts of the moving process is transporting your belongings to their new destination. While it’s natural for boxes to get knocked around during transportation, it doesn’t mean you can take every precaution to prevent damage. 

As a part of their obligations, AFRA accredited removalists must have reliable vehicles and equipment before they can transport your goods safely and securely. When comparing AFRA accredited home removalist companies, be sure to check that the company offers different-sized vehicles so that you can choose one that best fits your requirements. 

Aside from reliable transportation, AFRA-accredited removalists must also provide high-quality and durable equipment, such as trolleys, lifts, hoists, padding material and more, to ensure your belongings are well taken care of. Safe Removalist Australia provides all the equipment and materials you need to move. With us, you’ll be able to hire plastic moving boxes, trolleys, vehicles and anything else you may need. 

We also offer mobile-self storage solutions for customers needing temporary storage. Simply give us a call, and our team will pick up your belongings to store in our secure facility. And whenever you need them back, let us know, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep! 

Qualified and experienced staff

AFRA accredited removalists must do their due diligence in ensuring their employees are up to scratch with their training. Not only must they be physically fit to transport large loads, but they should also have attained the necessary qualifications. 

With Safe Removalist Australia, you can rest assured that our staff have extensive experience in working with manual handling for a diverse range of clients. In other words, our team can handle anything thrown at them! Our team treats your belongings like their own and exercises great caution at all stages of your move. 

Adequate insurance cover

Even though your AFRA accredited interstate removalist company should do everything in their power to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound, sometimes, things just go wrong. When considering the help of a removalist company for your move, read through their available insurance and ensure you are comfortable with the terms and level of coverage before signing up. 

Wide service range

As no move is ever the same, AFRA accredited removalist companies should be able to cater to a wide range of customers across several states. Safe Removalist Australia is an AFRA accredited removalist, offering services to residents moving with their city, interstate movers and offices looking to change their space. 

We also offer moving services across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. And to keep our service as transparent as possible, we created a moving calculator, so there are no surprises for our customers. 

Safe Removalist Australia — trusted AFRA accredited removalists

If there’s one thing bound to cause chaos, it’s moving house. But with Safe Removalist Australia, home movers can enjoy a streamlined and stress-free moving process. 

Safe Removalist Australia offers a 3-in-1 home removal service. Our professional team will wrap, pack and unpack your belongings on your terms. We want your move to be done according to your needs and schedule. We’ve also simplified sourcing the right moving equipment by providing customers with whatever they need for a successful move, from tough plastic moving boxes to trolleys and vehicles. 

Discover how easy and hassle-free moving can be by booking a move with Safe Removalist Australia today.

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